Portable Is Better Than WizKid Lyrically, Fans Declare Reasons Why

Portable is well known for his crazy acts in the music industry with his die hard fans just like WizKid FC who can do anything for WizKid online. Portable's fans too are ready to drag anyone online, one of his crazy fans recently declares that Portable has more meaningful lyrics than Wizkid on twitter. He claims that wizkid is only known for his "Baby Baby Baby" and "She Tell Me Say" while portable takes time in writing inspirational lyrics like “If you see better person, make you hold am well oo

It shall not be well with my enemies". 

Portable's achievement cannot be compared to wizkid own but many fans agree to the fact that he sings good song while wizkid FC's blows hot about how the declaration is an insult to their role model. 

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